The goal of our lending programs is to promote economic growth and investment in Alabama.  Our primary target businesses are:

  • Manufacturing and distribution businesses and related services
  • Emerging technology businesses
  • Businesses that fill a need or gap in services in an area
  • Healthcare related businesses
  • Businesses that contribute to revitalization

Eligible uses include the purchase and development of land and buildings, renovation or modification of existing buildings, purchase of machinery and equipment, and the provision of working capital.

We have a goal of one job for every $25,000, of assistance at minimum, so applicants must be willing to commit to create or retain one job for every $25,000, that they request.

In order to ensure owner/principal commitment to the business and the project, we require that all owners/principals personally guaranty each loan.  We also require the commitment that the business will not relocate out of our region until the funds are paid back in full.